The EURO-FOS Pan-European Laboratory is a powerful laboratory that clusters the capability of top European photonic laboratories specializing in the design and development of photonic systems and subsystems through the functional integration of photonic components. 


The EURO-FOS Pan-European Laboratory harnesses the best of what Europe has to offer in the field of photonic systems to create a laboratory with unprecedented strength and extensive resources. These resources are state-of-the-art photonic system testbeds, advanced transmission labs, non-commercial research prototype photonic devices and latest lightwave test & measurement equipment, interconnection links and expertise available at the participating institutions. The EURO-FOS Pan-European Laboratory offers a unique environment to:

  • perform joint research between academic partners and companies using photonic research prototypes
  • test research prototypes and/or commercial photonic components in system enviroments.

To this end, EURO-FOS Pan-European Laboratory brings the best photonic system groups creating economies of scale and synergy in this critical research field that links network level and device level research. More...

Network Members